Seth's 1994 Camping Trip

Eric, Toni, Pete, and Seth Seth playing with fire

In the summer of 1994, I went camping with Toni, Eric, and Pete. The first photo shows where we stayed the first night. Later, we moved to a more secluded area, closer to the river. The shiny thing at the bottom of the picture is my car, which is holding up the camera.

Wanting to be a good camper, I brought only the essential equipment, which of course included a fire devil stick. I had hoped that the smoke would drive insects away, but they were much too interested in the bright light to be deterred. Eric took this picture.

We canoed, swung on ropes, listened to the roar of the insects at night, played cards in our tents, and tried not to talk about a game of Dimplomacy Pete, Eric, and I were in the middle of, back in civilization.

I think it was on this trip that Pete and Toni met. They're married now. Isn't camping great? It was totally worth the speeding ticket I got on the way down there.