Making Fire handsticks

After years of thinking that it'd be really neat to have devilstick handsticks with fire on the ends, I finally made some. The effect is even better than I imagined. Since I'm such a great guy, I've written up detailed instructions so you can make your own.

As with any procedure, you should read the directions completely before buying materials or starting construction. There are surely many other ways to make fire handsticks, but this is how I did it. I did it another way too, but those fell apart immediately.

Materials Required

These are the materials you'll need for making one torch end. If you want to do two handsticks, double the recipe. If you want torches on both ends of each of two handsticks, quadruple the recipe (except for the handsticks).

Materials for one torch end:

Tools Required


These are directions for each handstick. You could do each step for all handsticks, assembly line style, or do an entire handstick before starting the next one.

  1. Cut off and discard 3 inches of the silicone tubing from the end of the handstick.
  2. Drill a hole in the same end of the handstick. (Note for novice drillers: I don't remember what size drill bit I used, but you want the one that makes a hole wide enough for the body of the screw but not the threads; the threads should bite into the wood. To determine whether a bit is the right size, hold it in front of the screw. If you can see all the threads but not the shaft, it's the right size. It's easier to do this with the back of the drill bit where it's solid.)
  3. Cover the exposed wood with a single layer of aluminum tape.
  4. Screw washer onto end of the handstick, but leave a small gap -- don't tighten it all the way.
  5. Place one end of the fire cord between the washer and the handstick end, and tighten the washer to hold the cord in place.
  6. Peel back some tubing (to make room for the tape you'll apply in two more steps).
  7. Tightly wind the cord around the stick, covering the aluminum with a few layers, and ending up with the end of the cord at the edge of the wound cord closest to the silicone tubing.
  8. Wrap aluminum tape around the stick and some of the wrapped cord. Be sure to securely fasten the free end of the cord.
  9. Unpeel tubing.

You could probably use fire wick instead of fire cord. You'd need to screw it onto the dowel, but you wouldn't need the washer on the end.