Chron Related Software

My motto:
It is always worthwhile to spend huge amounts of time writing nifty programs that save small amounts of time.

Apparently I'm not the only one who feels this way. Most of the stuff listed here was written by other people.

Pager clock
This is a nice digital chron clock I wrote for my pager. Downloading it won't help you unless you have the same pager and have the SDK and serial cable so you can download the program into the pager, but I have all these things so I get to carry a spiffy clock around with me.
A Perl script that converts between chrons and hours:minutes:seconds. It can act as a filter and is very good at spotting times embedded in text. I wrote the original, but Ian Flanigan added most of the cool features.
chrons.c - Written by Brian Gottlieb
A C program that outputs the current time in chrons. Piping date through the Perl script (see above) will do the same thing, but this is faster. - Written by Brian Gottlieb
X resources for swisswatch to make an analog chron clock.
A Tcl/Tk script that shows the current time in chrons in a small window. (I wrote this one.)
A Perl script that gives the current time in chrons using CGI. (Useful for web pages)