The Chrons Page

Back in 1994, I decided it would be neat to use a metric clock, so I hashed out details with Ian and settled on Chrons. It's very simple. There are 1000 chrons per day. I think this is a much better system than the nonsense we're used to.

Apparently, there are other loons in this world. Check out propaganda for a 28 hour day. Note that this person is interested in having a day that is 17% longer, not in changing the units of measurement. While designed for different reasons, it is not incompatible with chrons. If both changes were made, the chron would be slightly longer (100 seconds instead of 86). But I think it's crazy.

Some people want a universal time system, rather than having many time zones. Chrons is not about universal time. You could choose to keep local time in chrons, or stick with GMT (or GMT+1, as Swatch did with their Internet Time campaign). There are good arguments both ways, but it's an independent issue.

If this is at all interesting to you, check out The Directorate of Time and this Horology site, which has some links to other metric time sites.